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What are your lawn care needs?

At Loyalty Lawn Care, we have secured a score of A+ from the Better Business Bureau by consistently providing quality services for a wide array of residential and commercial lawn care needs.

If, for example, you need landscaping services for your place of business, our team will be happy to complete any work in the most efficient way possible to ensure that your business is not unduly disrupted.

Few things can ruin the clean look of a commercial lawn more quickly than unwelcome visitors in the form of insects, or weeds. Fortunately, we offer effective treatments for all of these issues and more. Besides remedies for these unexpected maladies, all lawns require a certain level of consistent care and upkeep in order to maintain their health and overall appearance. Caring for plants is an investment, and by regularly mulching and pruning, we can increase the chances that your investment will pay off in the form of an attractive, professional landscape.

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Additional Services

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Fertilization & Weed Control

Tree & Shrub Treatments

Aeration & Seeding

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Perimeter Pest Control

Mosquito Control

*Loyalty Lawn Care does not provide lawn mowing services, landscape design, hardscaping, mulch, leaf removal, tree trimming, lawn maintenance, land clearing, irrigation system, pressure washing, or sprinkler repair.

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You know what you want, and we know lawns. When you hire us, your satisfaction is our priority. Unlike most lawn care companies, we don’t make it our goal to simply address your immediate concerns and be done as quickly as possible. Our approach is one of continued care and ongoing dialogue – a member of our team will check on your lawn on a regular basis, and we will make ourselves available to be contacted with any further concerns or questions you may have as time goes on.

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