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Raking Leaves on Your Lawn This Fall in St. Louis 

Raking Leaves on Your Lawn: Do it or Ditch It?   When fall arrives, and the leaves start to change their colors, our yards transform into a beautiful sea of red, yellow, and orange. However, as these leaves gently fall from the trees and cover our lawns, a big question arises: do you need to rake…

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The Best Overseeding Tips for Your Missouri Lawn

Our Best Overseeding Tips for Your Missouri Lawn  There’s a lot that goes into maintaining a lush, healthy lawn in Missouri. One key task that homeowners should always keep on schedule is aeration and overseeding. Cool-season grasses like tall fescue need annual seeding in the fall to repair areas that have become thin or stressed…

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When to Aerate and Overseed in St. Louis

When Should You Aerate and Overseed Your Lawn in St. Louis?   When taking care of a lawn in St. Louis, aeration and seeding are at the top of the to-do list each year. But a common question for many homeowners is ‘when to aerate and overseed a lawn in St. Louis.’ To ensure a successful…

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Fall Lawn Care Tips for Missouri Homeowners  

Fall Fertilization and Lawn Care Tips for Missouri Homeowners   We’re coming up to the end of summer and fall weather is right around the corner. Fall is an important time for lawn care for Missouri homeowners. It’s a great time for much-needed TLC for cool-season grasses. After hot summer days, fescue lawns are approaching their…

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Preparing Your Lawn for Fall Overseeding in Missouri  

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall Overseeding in Missouri   As summer slowly gives way to the cooler temperatures of fall, it’s the perfect time for homeowners in Missouri to start thinking about replenishing their fescue lawns through a process called overseeding. With fall and winter being the peak growing seasons for cool-season grasses…

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Tips for Effective Mosquito Control in St. Louis, MO

Tips for Effective Mosquito Control in St. Louis, MO  Summer is here in St. Louis, which means mosquito season is here. Mosquitoes are a common issue for homeowners throughout the US, regardless of where you live. Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance by invading outdoor cookouts and causing itchy irritation, but they’re also a valid…

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Controlling Nutsedge

Nutsedge, often called nutgrass, is one of the most pesky lawn weeds that homeowners encounter in their turf grass. While it may look like grass, it is actually a sedge, and requires a different type of herbicide than broadleaf weeds for eradication. Here, we will discuss how to identify and control nutsedge in your lawn.

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Arbor Day: Ask Our Expert

Trees play an important role in the environment as they filter out CO2 and help generate clean air. As urban areas continue to expand and grow, they contribute to more air pollution. This makes the jobs of trees even more important.

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Poa In Fescue Lawns

During the start of the spring season, it is not uncommon to get a call here and there from homeowners who may be wondering what type of weed is growing in their otherwise healthy lawn. Particularly in the early spring, the odds are good that the weed is is poa annua. This grassy weed is also known as annual bluegrass.  

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Fall Aeration and Seeding Special

Fall is actually the first growing season and gives newly planted grass seeds the opportunity to germinate in the fall and then mature through the spring before the heat of the summer hits. It is also more beneficial than spring seeding because it does not interfere with crabgrass pre-emergent treatments.

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What to Do When Mushrooms Invade Your Lawn

We’ve asked our lawn experts to compile everything they know about lawn mushrooms in one place, so you can learn what the presence of mushrooms means for your lawn and find out how to safely get rid of them.

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Home Lawn Watering Guide

Did you know that lawns in Missouri may require as much as 1 to 1-1/2 inches of water per week from irrigation or rainfall during summer to remain green and actively growing?

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Do Not Seed in Spring Because of Pre-emergent

Whether your lawn is a small patch of grass or several acres, it’s important to take care of it properly to keep it healthy all year long. The pros at Loyalty Lawn Care know the tips and tricks to keep your lawn green.

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What is Pre-emergent?

Ask any turf specialist this question and you will get a simple response, “It is your crabgrass control.” But how does this seemingly miracle product work, and what does it mean to my family?

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Is It Spring Yet?

While it may not actually be spring until March 20th you’ll want to start treating your lawn prior that to have a good looking lawn this year.

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The Loyalty Lawn Care Blog Welcomes You!

When it comes to the care and maintenance of any type of plant area, it is important to have all the knowledge you need. Whether the area of interest is indoors or outdoors, and commercial or residential, the lawn service in St. Charles, MO at Loyalty Lawn Care has the necessary resources for you!

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