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Fertilization & Weed Control

At Loyalty Lawn Care, we offer superior fertilization and weed control services services that are designed to help your lawn thrive.

Our lawn care professionals will assess your specific lawn issues and tailor a fertilization and weed control treatment program designed to provide the proper fertilization and weed control to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. We work to keep strong communication with our customers so that we can understand their needs and concerns, and also so that we can keep them informed of the lawn care strategies that best meet their needs.

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It is important for your lawn to have the proper nourishment to help it grow stronger, from the roots upward. Our fertilizers are designed to work into the root zone around plants to provide your lawn with the balanced nutrients it needs. Fertilization provides young plants with the nutrients necessary to establish a strong foundation. Established plants also benefit from fertilization by continuing to build on that foundation.

Weed Control

There are many methods of weed control, and as your lawn care service in St. Charles MO, we can help determine the most effective solution. We use a combination of cultural practices to effectively control the weeds and develop a lawn that is well-maintained. Our company can help to eliminate various weeds that appear throughout the year.

Crabgrass Control

Crabgrass can spread rapidly around residential lawns, especially during the warm summer months. The key to controlling crabgrass is to make sure that the seeds cannot germinate by applying early season pre-emergent applications. As your quality lawn service provider, we can help you control crabgrass seeds from germinating and provide you with the defense you need against it to develop a healthy lawn.

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is a type of weed that commonly occurs when lawns receive too much water. These weeds can be very difficult to control once they appear. We can help with controlling the growth of nutsedge and with managing these weeds before and after they have already become a problem.

Soil Amendments

Fertilization and weed control treatments on their own are great, but we take our services one step further by incorporating soil amendments designed to help increase fertilizer efficiency and improve nutrient uptake. We use an all liquid soil conditioner that helps enhance soil structure and biology. It is sort of like vitamins for your soil.

Enhanced Offerings

Compliment any of our fertilization and weed control programs with additional treatments designed to target specific pests and concerns.

Grub Worm Treatment

There are various types of beetles that take the form of grub worms when they are in the larval stage. These worms eat roots, placing your lawn at risk, especially if the grub worms begin increasing their population size on your property. We know the most effective methods for getting rid of these pests and can help you implement these solutions.

Fire Ant Control

There is nothing more frustrating that looking out at a beautiful green lawn and seeing an unsightly brown fire ant mound. Stepping on one is even worse. Our fire ant treatments can be added on to any of our fertilization and weed control programs to help keep fire ants at bay.